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Mobile Repairs

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ipad repairs stalbans

All types of apple devices repaired from iPads to Ipods and all mobile phones, we have your Apple devices covered!

Water Damage Repairs

ipad repairs stalbansWe repair all types of water damaged mobile phones!

Smashed Screen Repairs

We can replace any smashed or cracked screen on any mobile device!

Pop in to our mobile phone repair centre for more details!

Common IPhone Faults We Can Fix

We fix all common iPhone problems with a 30 day RTB guarantee for all work carried out.

We can remove iCloud for all WIFI iPads!

  • Glass digitiser faults
  • Home button faults
  • Ribbon faults
  • Lcd faults
  • Lens replacement
  • Touch screen faults
  • Speaker faults
  • Microphone faults
  • Signal faults
  • Keypad faults
  • Liquid damage faults
  • Software faults
  • Not powering up faults
  • Charging faults
  • Housing replacements
  • Unlocking
  • Security codes reset



We guarantee if we cant fix your device there will be no fee to you!

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IPhone Repair Shops stalbans

Got A Broken IPhone?

We can fix all your iPhone problems at our iPhone repair centre in stalbans. We will have your iPhone back in perfect working order in no time at all.

Our iPhone repair technicians can replace any broken components in your iPhone using the best parts.

Water Damaged IPhone Repairs

If your iPhone has been water or moisture damaged, we can bring your iPhone back to life by replacing the water damaged iPhone parts and drying off the iPhone ready for your to take away.

IPhone Charger Point Broken?

Cant Charge Your IPhone Any More?

Bring your iPhone along to the iPhone repair centre in stalbans and we will either replace your iPhone charging socket or advise on the best way to charge your iPhone batter without the original charger. We stock iPhone chargers and can also replace your iPhone charger socket the same day so your iPhone can be back to full charge in no time at all. If the iPhone charging socket is beyond repair, we can supply a separate iPhone battery charger to ensure your iPhone is back working again in no time at all!!

IPhone Screen Replacement stalbans

If you have broke your iPhone screen and need a replacement iPhone screen we can quickly replace the broken screen of your iPhone and advise on the best way to look after the new screen. We can replace the screen of any type of iPhone from the original iPhone to the new iPhone 4.

Having a replacement screen fitted for your iPhone will only take a couple of hours so you can drop off your iPhone to our iPhone repair centre in stalbans and have it back the same day.

IPhone Home Button Broken?

If the home button on your iPhone is broken, we can take your iPhone for the day and replace it with a brand new working iPhone home button. The home button with work as normal and allow you to have a fully working iPhone home button again!!

Headphone Socket On IPhone Broken ?

If your headset socket is damaged or not working, bring your iPhone to the iPhone repair centre in stalbans and we will replace or repair the headphone / headset socket for you. The headset socket also the mic socket on your iPhone so if this seems to be broken then the socket for may need replacing - again bring your iPhone in to our iPhone repair centre and we will replace the socket for you.


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